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Jehovah's Witnesses
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Article by a reporter from the local Waco newspaper presents an overview of the Jehovah's Witnesses and their methods for spreading the faith.
Aspromalee's Place
Features a collection of Jehovah's Witnesses graphics, poetry, jokes, and personal experiences. Includes info about the author and secular links.
Christian Science Monitor - Jehovah Witnesses on Trial
Read an article from February 1999 about the Jehovah's Witnesses possible ban from Russia and subsequent high court case.
Custom Bookbinding
Provides custom binding services for Jehovah's Witnesses publications. Find leather bindings, gilded edges, and helpful door-to-door products.
Evansville Area Guide - Jehovah's Witnesses
Find a list of Jehovah's Witness congregations in and around Evansville, Indiana, and link to other area churches and religious organizations.
Glossary of Hacker Theocratese
Features a 275-page, freely distributed glossary of language that American Jehovah's Witnesses use in their daily lives.
Great People, The
Visit Laurie Olson for Jehovah's Witnesses information relating to children, blood, scriptures, identifying apostates, and support services.
Jehovah's Witnesses
Official site, listing main addresses of the Jehovah's Witnesses and Watchtower Bible Society.
Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia
Find out about the Jehovah's Witnesses of Russia, and their recognition in Europe and Russia. Read about the celebrated Russian high court case.
Jehovah's Witnesses United
Review a series of essays on the Witnesses and their spiritual doctrine. Also find links to books, a Biblical index and legal resources index. - Jehovah's Witnesses Information Center
Baltimore, Maryland resident provides scriptural reference to questions concerning The Message, One God, Jesus, Lazarus, and particular JW dates.
Johnson, Anthony T. - personal page
Find the personal page for Anthony Johnson of New Zealand, who joined the Jehovah Witnesses in 1993. Find Anthony's other page, The Witness Link.
Kingdom Proclaimer
Sherran Charboneau provides Theocratic links, the works of Flavius Josephus, and telephone Witnessing tips. Includes medical links and humor.
McKenna Bookcovers
Company sells book covers designed for publications used by Jehovah's Witnesses, such as "Watchtower." Protect books, magazines, pamphlets, and tracts.
MJC Products
Offers several lines of products designed to assist the ministry of Jehovah's Witnesses, including calendars, binders, pens and bookmarks.
MSN Encarta - Jehovah's Witnesses
Find a profile of the Christian group founded in the late 19th century by Pennsylvania clergyman Charles Taze Russell.
NoBlood! - Sharing Lifesaving Alternatives to Blood Transfusions
Articles, discussions, products, and professionals related to the field of bloodless medicine and surgery. Courtesy of the Park Plaza Hospital.
Prophecies, Visions, and Dreams
Details the occurrences and prophecies given to Ray Aguilera from Jehovah God. Features books and stories, plus Spanish translations.
Public Affairs Office of Jehovah's Witnesses
Official page for the Witnesses presents news, description, beliefs, education on health and medicine, and the group's defense of human rights. - Watchtower Bible & Tract Society
Objective description details history, structure, and beliefs of Jehova's Witnesses.
Savard Software
Offers software that enables Jehovah's Witnesses to manage field-ministry details. Enables user to track distribution of magazines and books.
Serving Jehovah and Disabilities
Provides a support network for brothers and sisters who are sick or disabled. Features a list of articles relating to determined believers.
Should the Zodiac Influence Your Life?
Jehovah's Witness site answers this question from the Bible's viewpoint, including a historical background and hidden dangers.
Sociology of Religion - Jehovah's Witnesses
Singelenberg reviews this comprehensive and annotated bibliography compiled by Jerry Bergman. Access a five category breakdown of the material.
Surgical and Ethical Challenges
Provides an excerpt from the Journal of the American Medical Association. Details issues physicians face when treating Jehovah's Witnesses.
Theocratic Research Utilities
Collection of shareware programs that work with the Watchtower Library. Includes the NWT Lister, Browser, daily text, and Theocratic librarian.
Watchtower Study Scriptures
Provides weekly scriptures in English and Spanish. Includes links to scriptures in German and Italian.
Witness Link, The
Provides theocratic links to Jehova's Witnesses Sites around the world. Categorized for Clubs, News, Blood Issues, Bible Tools, or Software.
Witness WebMuseum
Presents the history of the Jehovah's Witnesses and their door-to-door ministry. See pictures and link to a glossary of Witness jargon.
Designed to help Jehova's Witnesses to use the web wisely. Offers web tools, discussion board, software links, is clear of apostate sites.
WonderWhere Software
Features many free, downloadable software programs relating to Jehovah's Witnesses study and entertainment.

U.S. and World Religion Statistics and Data
Free access to data on religion, from the Association of Religion Data Archives

Dual Diagnosis Residential Treatment Centers for Christian Women
A holistic and spiritually empowering residential treatment program.

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